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  • MORE CLEANLINESS - in your home by gently removing the cat's litter from the cat's paws due to the unique design and the extremely effective "woven mesh" surface texture.
  • MORE TIME - The PiuPet cat litter mat allows a very easy cleaning with the vacuum cleaner or can be quickly wet-cleaned by the water-repellent properties.
  • MAXIMUM SAFETY - The special "non-slip" nature of the bottom of the PiuPet cat litter mat provides strong anti-slip and enormous stability of the cat litter box.
  • MAXIMUM BENEFIT - thanks to its double function as underlay mat or rug of the litter tray usable - due to its extra-large dimensions of 90 x 60 cm. The PiuPet cat litter mat effectively protects the floor through the thick PVC material.
  • 5* FOR PiuPet - PiuPet has more than 200 5* seller reviews in Europe.
›See more product details PiuPet CAT LITTER MAT The extra-large PiuPet cat litter mat measuring 90cm x 60cm increases the cleanliness around your cat's litter box. It gently and effectively removes the cat litter from your cat's paws after leaving the cat litter box. The highly effective "Woven Mash" surface texture of the PiuPet Cat Litter Mat also works effectively with Ultra Litter and prevents cat litter from spreading throughout your home. The successfully bonded cat litter can simply be removed with the vacuum cleaner. In addition, the PiuPet cat litter mat can be wet-cleaned due to its water-repellent material properties. In contrast to the usual standard cat litter mats and cat litter rugs, the PiuPet cat litter mat is characterized by the modern "Herringbone look" a stylish and modern design. Combined with the neutral grey colour, the PiuPet Cat Litter Mat enhances your cat litter environment and suits design-wise a variety of floors. Due to its extra-large 90cm x 60cm size, the PiuPet Cat Litter Mat can be used primarily as a litter box underlay mat. In contrast to the much smaller pre-mats, the cat litter tray can be positioned on the mat. Your benefits: The PiuPet cat litter mat protects your floor because there is no direct contact with the cat litter box. In addition, the movements of the cat in the litter box are caught by the mat. This will cause no scratches in your floor. The thick and high quality PVC material will provide stability and slip resistance to the litter box. As a result, your cat can use your litter box with a good and calm feeling.

Premium Cat Litter Mat by PiuPet Extra large 90 x 60cm Inreases cleanliness around cat litter tray B01N05JF2P

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